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2017 Reiver Football Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Jason Hawkins

Assistant HC - Ron Burley


Offensive Coordinator - Ryan Scott

Assistant OC / Receivers - Ron Burley

Running Backs - Curtis Hunter 

Offensive Line - Michael Goring

Offensive Assistants - Gloria Harris & Kyle Menezes


Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers - Chris Cunnane

Assistant DC/Secondary - Connor MacLeod

Defensive Line - Taylor Ziggy

Defensive Assistants - Michael Hall 


Special Teams Coordinator - Jason Hawkins 

Assistant STC - Michael Hall & Gloria Harris                                                                                                          


Athletic Therapist- Krista Ducharme & Blake Everett

Equipment Managers - Garry Kowalski & Blake Everett

Team Managers - Andrea Dueck and Eileen Blais







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